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Saint Johns Preparatory School
That's Just the Way It Is



Music by KAI KANG



Based on true events, That’s Just the Way It Is a biographical musical written by Brandon Anderson, Theatre Director at Saint John’s Preparatory School, with music composed by SJP senior Kai Kang. 

The story follows Terry's journey of self-discovery as he searches for acceptance of his rare multi-system genetic disease, Tuberous Sclerosis. The show is an invitation for audiences to observe the constraints of physical disabilities and through the magic of theatre look deeper into the consciousness of a person. By tearing down the walls of shame, humiliation, and indignity we witness the heartfelt touching tale of one mans journey to overcome one of life’s most challenging obstacles. 

Directed by: Brandon Anderson 

Music Director: Kai Kang 

Lighting Design: Will St. Hilaire 

Set Design: Brandon Anderson 

May 19-21, 2023

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$10: All tickets are general admission. 

*Credit-card and processing fee not applied

Saint John's Preparatory School
Weber Center
2280 Watertower Rd
Collegeville, MN 56374

Director’s Note

That's Just the Way It Is has been in the making for over 10 years now. At its inception it was first created to serve as a devise to help fulfill my thesis for my post graduate degree at The Royal Conservatoire of Birmingham in England as I pursued my Masters in the British Tradition. It was performed in 2014 as a two person show to help my investigation of what is required of a physically abled bodied actor to accurately portray a physically disabled character and what physical, vocal, mental, emotional, and political challenges an actor faces in their preparations. You can click the link for more information about that original production here. After receiving feedback from those that attended the production, I knew that the show had the potential to grow. In 2019 I met and started working with an SJP Student Kai Kang on various theatre related projects. Kai possessed a strong interest and talent for music composition and naturally we began collaborating and devising the story further. Now after four years of writing, editing, and composition we are ready to show case the evolution of this very emotional but touching story of inspiration and determination. 

Dana Zimmerman, Isaac Miller, Brandon Anderson, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, Jen Whitehead, Andrew Mackey, Dixie Boschee, Tom Grandy, Chris Jimenez, Dylan Arnold, Kai Kang, Jaden Weniger, Aksel Newman, Angel Grandy, Madison Burris, Cerys John, Sophie Grandy, Penny Larson, Brady Klaphake.
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